Membership Information


The Inland Northwest AGC cordially invites your firm to become a member of the region's oldest and largest construction trade association, now more than 275 member firms strong.

The Inland Northwest AGC is the principal regional construction trade association for the industry and is constantly developing programs that assist member firms. The approach to members in this association is that we are doing anything and everything possible to help our member firms stay in business and make a profit.  We know that people don't join a trade association anymore just because they feel obligated. You need a return on your membership investment and association involvement should directly benefit your business.

Since 1921, leaders in the construction industry have turned to the AGC to help improve their bottom line and achieve personal success. If you’re looking for access to new markets, programs to help improve your productivity, or the political clout necessary to protect your interests, then you should take a look at what the AGC has to offer. Membership in the AGC brings you the industries best and most complete array of services, all designed to provide a profitable return on your investment.

Membership Categories
The Inland Northwest AGC has 3 basic membership categories. Please review the descriptions below to determine which category best describes your company.  All new member dues will be prorated for the remainder of the calendar year and may be paid by check or Visa/MasterCard.  At least 50% of first year dues must be paid with application. Upon renewal, members may elect to pay their dues annually or quarterly (General Contractor members may elect to pay dues monthly).

All membership dues include membership with the AGC of America in addition to your local chapter.

General Contractors
A General Contractor is defined as any individual or business entity that contracts to perform construction work in its entirety and which executes such work in whole or in part with its own construction forces.  General Contractor member firms annual dues are based on the company’s gross volume for the previous year.

Gross Volume  2014 Dues
Under $2 million      $2,500 
$2 to 4.99 million     $4,800  
$5 to 9.99 million     $7,250  
$10 to 14.99 million $9,800  
$15 to 19.99 million $11,850  

$20 to 29.99 million $15,250

 $30 to 44.99 million $16,275

Over $45 million $18,550

New AGC members are eligible for a special introductory rate of 50% off first year's dues.

Construction Employers (Subcontractors or Specialty Contractors)
Construction Employer member firms are defined as construction firms performing less than 25% of their total company volume as a prime bidder or general contractor and who employ on-site labor.  Construction Employer member firms annual dues are based on the company’s gross volume for the previous year.

Subcontractor dues include all Inland Northwest AGC chapter dues plus $157.65 AGC of America annual dues, regardless of the level of work performed. The dues schedule for Construction Employer firms is as follows:

Gross Volume  Chapter
Under $.5 million      $900 
$0.5 to 0.99 million   $1,150 
$1.0 to 2.499 million $1,500 

$2.5 to 4.99 million   $1,875 

$5.0 to 7.99 million   $3,200 
$8.0 to 9.99 million   $4,250 
Over $10 million        $5,500
Special introductory rate of $850 for all new CE members!

Why Sub & Specialty Contractors Join AGC AGC of America represents more than 13,000 contractor firms with the goal of promoting best practices and fairness throughout the construction industry. This makes AGC one of the largest organizations representing the interests of specialty contractors. Specialty contractors within AGC have a strong network in which to identify, respond to and solve industry issues – such as immigration, work force retention, prompt payment and ConsensusDOCS. Specialty contractors are critical to the construction process and their input is critical to solving major construction industry issues.

Associates (Suppliers & Service Providers)
Associate member firms are those individual or businesses who are not general contractors or construction employers and who do not employ on-site labor. Associate member firms pay annual dues at the rate of $675.

Why Suppliers and Service Providers Join AGC As the strongest and most widely respected construction association in the country, AGC of America represents the interests of all construction contractors, and the vast range of products and services that it offers are as valuable to service and supply members as they are to general contractors. AGC provides service and supply members with networking opportunities and with a voice in the association and construction industry. AGC members benefit from the involvement of these issue experts in developing policies and improving industry practices.

Become A Member


 When you join AGC, you’re not just joining an association; you’re enlisting the support of our dedicated local staff and 65 national staff members. With years of combined experience in the construction industry, we are able to offer you experience, expertise and knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.

Membership gives you the competitive advantage.

  • Connect with owners, contractors, suppliers, lawmakers, the media and key influencers in the industry.
  • Put innovative market development tools to work for your business. Know the latest industry trends and forecasts. Green building…public private partnerships? AGC is your resource for answers, information and training.
  • Access innovative training and education programs to build your business, improve your bottom line and grow your work force.

More than 400 construction consultants serving you, fighting for you and protecting your business every day.

  • Providing you with best practices in safety information and management training.
  • Giving you access to 150 education and professional development programs and classes, thousands of online resources at your fingertips.
  • Serving as your advocate, ensuring that laws and regulations enhance (and do not limit) your business operations.
  • Promoting quality projects and quality people, raising industry standards and supplying you with a skilled work force.

As a member, you also have the benefit of our Member services. You can read all about them here.

Why Building Construction Companies Join AGC


 The AGC represents both large and small building contractors, from those that offer a wide variety of pre-construction and post-construction services to those that offer only traditional construction services. The Building Division brings together the vast resources of AGC to the benefit of building contractors.

Advocacy – AGC is the leader in protecting the interests of building contractors.

Resources and Education – AGC provides resources and education for initiatives such as Building Information Modeling, green construction and project delivery methods.

Why Highway and Transportation Companies Join AGC

The leading transportation contractors in the country belong to AGC. AGC puts them out in front of their competition. Contractors involved in highway, bridge, transit and rail construction are directly impacted by Congress and the U.S. Department of Transportation because federal funds provide 45 percent of the annual transportation construction market. AGC members have a strong advocate on Capitol Hill and with federal agencies ensuring that their decisions positively impact transportation construction. Being the first to know about the latest developments in funding, contracting practices, regulations and market trends gives AGC members the competitive edge.